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Three Ways to Repair a Scratched Window

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In days gone by, scratches or small cracks on a window were usually dealt with by replacing the pane of glass. This is due to the fact that it was a simple, quick and straightforward job. However, windows nowadays are much more technical, and it can become quite expensive  to replace an entire pane of glass. With this in mind, this article looks at three ways to remove a scratch from a double glazed window. Read More»

Five Ideas For Integrating Glass Into Your Home's Exterior

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Whether you are modifying your existing house or designing a new one, you can create stunning architectural features and design using glass. Looking for innovative ways to tie glass into your exterior? Here are inspiring five ideas to consider: 1. A window within a window A glass wall lightens up your home’s exterior and brings sunlight into your home, making everything feel more bright and expansive. However, in many cases, glass walls do not open. Read More»

Precautions to Take While Attempting Any DIY Glass Repair Project

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Many glass defects such as chips and cracks can be repaired without calling in professionals. However, many homeowners approach this task without adequate preparation and they end up becoming injured or the projects do not give them the results they wished to see. This article discusses some precautions that you should take before taking on a DIY glass repair job. Keeping these precautions in mind will ensure you remain safe and the project succeeds. Read More»