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Make It Shine: Removing and Reducing Grease From Your Glass Splashback

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Grease is inevitable in a kitchen, especially if you love stir fries, chips or other oily delights. When grease builds up on your glass splashback, it can make your splashback look dirty, dull and aged. Unfortunately, it can be hard to clean as well (but certainly not impossible). If you want to get on top of your greasy splashback, here's how to clean it and how to minimise future grease stains and buildup:

1. Clean grease splatters immediately

After cooking, address the grease splatters on your glass splashback as soon as possible. Letting the grease sit makes it sticky and very hard to remove. Keep a rag on hand to wipe the splashback as you cook.

2. Use dishwashing liquid to clean off grease

To remove grease, use a bit of dishwashing liquid in warm or hot water. The dishwashing liquid is designed to cut grease, and it is gentle on the glass, unlike abrasive cleaners.

If the grease is stuck on, moisten it repeatedly until the grease starts to dissipate. Then scrub it with a soft lint-free cloth.

3. Shine the glass with glass cleaner

To minimise grease streaks, make sure you clean the glass splashbacks thoroughly before applying the glass cleaner, but once the grease is gone, glass cleaner works wonderfully to make the splashback shine. If you prefer not to use commercial cleaners, ammonia works perfectly.

Use a very dry cloth or paper towel. As the towle starts to get wet from the cleaner, your chance of streaks increases so make sure to change your cloth frequently.

4. Reduce grease splashes with new kitchen gadgets

To minimise the amount of time you spend scrubbing and shining your glass splashback, consider investing in a few new appliances to minimise splatters. If you eat a lot of french fries or fried chicken, stop frying those items in a pot and buy an electric deep fryer.

If you're making a lot of stir fries, invest in a deeper wok to keep your grease a bit more contained.

5. Use an extraction fan

If you do a lot of cooking with butter and oil, grease will get into the air, despite your best efforts, and over time, it will coat your glass splashback. To ensure your splashback stays looking shiny and new, use an extractor fan as you cook, and make sure it has a good filter on it to catch grease.