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Frameless Glass Shower Screen Installation Tips

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A frameless glass shower screen can be both functional and stylish. It is designed to keep water from splashing on all surfaces within the bathroom. A frameless glass shower door offers a unique look and can be the ideal way to make your entire bathroom more modern. Installing a frameless glass shower is possible on your own if you are aware of the most helpful tips. It is essential that you understand the basic glass shower screen installation tips before you begin.


The most difficult aspect of glass shower screen installation often involves cutting the glass to the exact measurements. This means that you need to carefully check all measurements before you begin cutting the glass. All openings, fittings and notches must be plumb when you are obtaining the measurements. Once you make the cut, you can't undo what has been cut away. This means that you should always cut less and then make adjustments after taking extra measurements.


Securing the frameless glass shower in place can be more difficult than cutting the glass. Since there is no frame attached to the glass, you have to drill right through the glass. It is easy for the glass to become cracked or broken when you choose to drill the glass into place. This means that it is recommended that you secure a frameless glass shower screen into place using an adhesive. This will allow for the screen to be properly secured to the shower, but removes the need for drilling. When you use an adhesive to secure the door, there is much less risk that the glass will break. Drilling glass is a job best left to professional glass shower screen installers. DIY shower screen installation projects call for the use of a strong adhesive.


It is also important that before you install a frameless glass shower screen you apply a sealant to the door. A glass sealant is an affordable way to add to the longevity of this shower screen type. Glass can be somewhat fragile, but a glass sealant is specifically designed to seal the pores of the glass for protection that extends the lifetime of the show screen. The buildup of mineral deposits and soap scum can also be minimised by the application of a sealant. It is possible for you to purchase a glass shower screen that already has a sealant applied or to apply one on your own before you install the shower screen. No matter which method you prefer, it is important to make sure that a sealant is protecting the glass surface of your frameless shower screen.

For more information about frameless glass showerscreens, contact a local supplier or installation company.