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Steps Involved in Replacing Window Glass

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If you have glass windows in your home, breakages are bound to happen, sooner or later. Or perhaps, the glass may eventually get worn due to normal use. Replacing the glass in your home's windows is a job that you can do properly on your own, but only by carefully heeding professional window replacement advice, of course. 

Here is a useful step-by-step window glass replacement guide for budding DIY homeowners out there:

Step #1: Remove the old or broken glass

First things first, you will have to remove the broken or worn glass with a small hammer. To ensure you steer clear of any injuries, use safety gloves as well as a piece of cloth to collect the small pieces of glass that fall.

Step #2: Get rid of old putty

Remove old putty from the edges of the window frame using a putty knife or utility knife. Make sure there is no trace of the putty remaining. If window treatments such as old caulking is stuck to the frame, it should be scraped off as well to ensure a firm fit for the new glass to be installed.

Step #3: Surface preparation for application of fresh putty

Once all of the old putty is removed, use the putty or utility knife to make the coarse areas in the window frame smooth. You should then oil the window frame to get the most out of the new putty, which will secure the window glass in place.

Step #4: Apply fresh putty

Here, you should apply and spread putty in parts of the frame where the new glass will be fitted. Be careful not to apply a basal layer of putty that is too thick. A thin layer of putty is necessary as it acts as a cushion that stops the air from leaking through the edges of the glass once it is installed.

Step #5: Install the replacement glass

After the fresh putty has been properly applied, the replacement glass can then be inserted into the current frame. It should fit well; otherwise, you will need to cut it to size using a glass cutter. Once in position, small triangular pieces of metal can be used to keep the new glass secured within the confines of the window frame. Then, another thin layer of putty should be applied where the edges of the frame meets the glass. Scrap off any excess putty so that your window edges remain completely flat and even.

Step #6: Finishing touches

Finally, you can apply a little paint to give your glass windows an exquisite exterior finish. It is not only the putty that should be painted, you can even paint part of the glass as well to complement your home's exterior décor.

In case you find it hard to follow with any of these steps, it would be best to call a professional glazier to do the job for you.