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Important Tips for Choosing Glass Tiles for a Kitchen Backsplash

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A kitchen backsplash protects the wall behind a stove or a sink, and keeps both from being damaged due to food, heat, water, and so on. The backsplash is like jewelry for your kitchen; it may be functional but it should also be attractive, as it's very visible and needs to coordinate with all the other features and touches in the room.

Glass is a good choice for a backsplash as it reflects light and can make a small and dark kitchen seem open and airy, and it's very durable and easy to clean. When you're ready to choose glass tiles for your kitchen backsplash, note a few important tips. This will ensure you opt for the right color and style for your kitchen.

1. Shine some light on the subject

While any glass is good for small and dark kitchens, you want to give special consideration as to your choice for a small and dark kitchen. Opt for a bright color that will keep the space open, for example, if you prefer earth tones for a kitchen, avoid dark browns and russet reds and choose light tans and even shades of orange and yellow. If you have a modern design in your kitchen, choose a shade like turquoise or sea foam. If you're unsure of the right shade, opt for bright white, but avoid any dark color for a dark and small kitchen.

It's also good to choose large tiles and even large sections of glass for the backsplash of a small and dark kitchen. This is because smaller tiles may look too busy in the room whereas large tiles or large sections of glass can make a small wall seem longer or larger.

2. Go mosaic for a DIY route

If you want to install glass for a backsplash yourself, look for mosaic tiles. These are glued to a mesh backing that makes it easy to install large sections at one time. You'll be less likely to install the tiles crooked or off-center when you choose mosaic tiles for self-installation. Any larger tile section will be easier for the person who wants to do it themselves.

If you don't want to opt for mosaic, choose large glass sections rather than small individual tiles. You'll need to cut fewer tiles and it will be easier to ensure they're level when you install large sections rather than small tiles.

3. Cater to your budget

If you're on a very tight budget, opt for some cheaper tiles that you work in with the glass. Ceramic is usually more affordable than glass, and you might choose to put one large ceramic tile in the middle of the backsplash and then surround it with glass. This can give you the look of reflective and bright glass while saving money. Contact a glass repair specialist to learn which types of tiles will stay strong while staying cheap.