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Decisions You'll Need to Make When Installing a Glass Shower

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A glass shower transforms a bathroom so that it looks more open, modern, and sleek. Once you have decided to install one of these enclosures, you will need to make a few specific decisions. Several of these are outlined below. Framing One of the major choices regards how much framing you want on the shower. You can select between fully-framed, partly-framed, and frameless models. Fully-framed screens feature metal edging on all four sides. Read More»

Ways a Glass Splashback Enhances a Kitchen

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The splashback screens the wall behind the benchtops, guarding them from spills and stains. Plus, it decorates the kitchen with colours and textures. You might be considering a glass splashback — several benefits of this material are explained below. Extensive Colour Options A glass splashback offers endless colours, as you can flick through samples that offer variances and shades of each hue. Thus, you’ll have a lot of freedom to coordinate the glass with the rest of the kitchen. Read More»

Why A Small Crack Is Enough To Justify A Full Window Replacement

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Whether you are at home or at work, most people have windows in virtually every room of the building they spend most of their time in. While most of the time these windows are basically never touched, every now and then they will get hit with a ball, a confused bird may slam into them or you may accidentally lose your balance and try to catch your fall by hitting them. Read More»