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Ways a Glass Splashback Enhances a Kitchen

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The splashback screens the wall behind the benchtops, guarding them from spills and stains. Plus, it decorates the kitchen with colours and textures. You might be considering a glass splashback — several benefits of this material are explained below.

Extensive Colour Options

A glass splashback offers endless colours, as you can flick through samples that offer variances and shades of each hue. Thus, you'll have a lot of freedom to coordinate the glass with the rest of the kitchen. With so much choice, you might choose its colour last if you're undertaking a complete kitchen remodel because the counters, cabinets and whatnot will offer less flexibility.

Choose low iron glass for the splashback to ensure your chosen hue shines purely. Low iron glass is without the green tinge of standard glass, which could otherwise taint your desired shade. After all, because the paint covers the back of the panels, you only can see it through the glass, so it's crucial that the glass is clear.

Blends With Diverse Aesthetics

Glass splashbacks suit diverse kitchen aesthetics, including traditional, rustic or contemporary. As well as picking from numerous uniform colours, you can also print a digital image across the back. For example, you could back-paint the glass with a photo of white marble to produce a natural stone look. Otherwise, choose an image of timber planks for a raw look. To evoke a whimsy feel, select a print of winding fronds and flowers. You can fashion your glass splashback to suit your kitchen by choosing colours and images that harmonise with the room ambience.

Easy to Maintain

Probably the last thing wish to do during your day is to scrub the splashback, which you may have to do if you install tiles, for example. You can forget about scrubbing with glass, as all the splashback will need is a wipe with a cloth and cleanser. The glass panels present an even surface without crevices that harbour mildews. Thus, not only are these splashbacks attractive, but they're convenient and easy to care for.


These splashbacks use toughened glass, which undergoes a special tempering process to render it sturdier than standard float window glass. Plus, this toughened variety is heat resistant, so it's safe to affix it around the wall near the cooktop during your glass splashback installation. Once installed, the panels will protect the walls for many years.

For more information, contact glass splashback installation services.