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Why A Small Crack Is Enough To Justify A Full Window Replacement

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Whether you are at home or at work, most people have windows in virtually every room of the building they spend most of their time in. While most of the time these windows are basically never touched, every now and then they will get hit with a ball, a confused bird may slam into them or you may accidentally lose your balance and try to catch your fall by hitting them. Whatever the cause may be, most people will ignore a small crack or break in their window if it does not affect more than a couple of centimetres, but that is a big mistake.

Structural Integrity Is Gone

Glass is strongest when it is in one piece because all areas of the windows surface support each other at all times. When this integrity is broken, even in a small way, it weakens all the other parts of your window. This means that next time it won't take a big impact to shatter your window completely; it may just take something minor. It is always safer to just address the problem straight away and get glass replacement professionals in to figure out how in-depth of a fix you need. The last thing you want is your window to break in the middle of a storm and totally ruin the inside of your office or home.

Children And Pets Can Get Injured Far More Easily

If you have any children or small pets then having any sort of broken glass around them is going to be grounds for concern, especially if you live in a second-storey unit. Children are naturally inquisitive and will definitely be inspecting any cracks or holes in your window, which is exactly what you do not want. It can be easy to forget about that small crack in a day or two, but your children likely won't. Don't let this problem slip to the back of your mind; fix it while it is still fresh and have the peace of mind that your kids can't accidentally hurt themselves. 


Glass is only waterproof when it is all in one piece, and even a small crack can and will let in water during thunderstorms. This water can then warp or rust the frame of your window, affect any wooden support beams it runs down and even start growing mould or mildew in short order. Glass replacement is needed to make sure that this small problem doesn't become a much larger issue affecting the whole window frame or even your whole wall. 

To learn more, contact a glass replacement contractor.