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Four Benefits of Installing Aluminium Louvre Windows in Your Second-Storey Bedrooms

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Aluminium louvre windows are commonly used on porches and outdoor balconies because they offer privacy and allow natural light into the spaces. Louvre windows can also be used in the place of conventional windows, especially in second-storey bedrooms. These windows come in manual and automated configurations, allowing you to choose the best option for maximum convenience and control. If you aren’t convinced whether aluminium louvre windows are ideal for your upper-storey bedrooms, consider these four benefits. Read More»

Three Scenarios Where Custom Frameless Shower Screens Will Help

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Custom frameless shower screens give you total freedom in designing your shower. You don’t have to settle for standard sizes and shapes of showers that don’t do your bathroom justice. And you can eliminate unattractive metal frames, replacing them with sleek glass panels. The design flexibility will help, particularly in the scenarios explained below. Small Bathroom Many homes have small bathrooms, which don’t lend themselves to a sumptuous ambience. It can be hard to create a sense of luxury if a room is cramped and claustrophobic. Read More»