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Three Scenarios Where Custom Frameless Shower Screens Will Help

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Custom frameless shower screens give you total freedom in designing your shower. You don't have to settle for standard sizes and shapes of showers that don't do your bathroom justice. And you can eliminate unattractive metal frames, replacing them with sleek glass panels. The design flexibility will help, particularly in the scenarios explained below.

Small Bathroom

Many homes have small bathrooms, which don't lend themselves to a sumptuous ambience. It can be hard to create a sense of luxury if a room is cramped and claustrophobic. A bulky shower can make the situation worse. However, custom frameless screens will help you make the most of the available space. First, the minimal transparent screens won't block a large chunk of the room's area and make the area seem smaller. Because you can see everywhere, the space will seem like one open area.

Additionally, you can custom design the shower specifically for your room proportions. In a square bathroom, you might install a rounded or hexagonal shower in the corner where it will be unobtrusive. In a long, skinny room, you could create a narrow shower at one end of the room or on one of the long walls. In a small bathroom, the invisibility of frameless screens and the freedom to create your own shower configuration are especially crucial.

Large Spacious Bathroom

Custom frameless shower screens are also ideal for an extra spacious bathroom. After all, why settle for a standard-sized shower when you have the room to create a shower that lets you freely walk around and where you can install a bench to add to the pampering? You could install fixed screens against a wall and leave the shower door out altogether. This will create the feeling that you're showering in a wet room without boundaries around the shower.

Drab Bathroom

Custom frameless screens can also help with other situations. For example, is your bathroom a tad drab? Light-coloured tiles and minimal decor can sometimes look dull. The benefit of custom frameless screens is the ability to choose different kinds of decorative glass. And the beauty of the glass will be prominent without cumbersome frames. 

For example, install fluted glass screens with indented wavering lines. You could also use tinted glass in various hues. Install stunning fluted blue screens if your bathroom walls and floors are covered in blue tiles. You could increase visual interest by installing an arched fixed screen rather than a rectangle one. You could create unity in the bathroom with an arch-shaped mirror.