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3 Amazing Secrets to Choosing Glass Splashbacks

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Kitchen renovations are a common investment made by homeowners, and it has been trendy for a while now. During kitchen renovations, many homeowners install kitchen splashbacks under the sink, cooktop and benchtop. Splashbacks help prevent food splatters, grease and moisture from getting to the walls as you’re preparing your meals. Splashbacks are available in various styles and are highly adaptable to creativity. Nonetheless, choosing the ideal one for your kitchen can be a challenge. Read More»

The Three Tests You Should Want Your Window Security Screens To Pass

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Windows take up a large amount of space on many people’s walls because most people love to see the outside and get that beautiful natural light. Due to this increased surface area of windows, many burglars see them as a prime entry point. There are less likely to be strong locks on a window, windows can be shattered in an emergency escape and you can enter pretty much any room you want straight away. Read More»