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The Three Tests You Should Want Your Window Security Screens To Pass

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Windows take up a large amount of space on many people's walls because most people love to see the outside and get that beautiful natural light. Due to this increased surface area of windows, many burglars see them as a prime entry point. There are less likely to be strong locks on a window, windows can be shattered in an emergency escape and you can enter pretty much any room you want straight away. That is why window security screens are growing in popularity. If you are looking for security screens, then here are a few tests that potential options should be able to pass.

Knife Attacks

The most common tool a burglar will have to enter through a security screen is a knife. After all, window security screens are often indistinguishable from fly screens, and if you wanted to get in through a fly screen, a knife is all you need. Make sure that when you are browsing security screens, you specifically search for ones that display their efficiency at stopping knife attacks. Different security screens focus on different features, but this is one that you should consider fundamental. Ignore those options that can't provide it. 

Blunt Force Entry

After being repelled by a knife attack, the next step for most would-be intruders is to simply kick or punch their way in. Window security screens don't look very sturdy, but good ones will easily be able to repel any kicks and punches that a thief might throw at it. Often, a window security screen will display the exact amount of force it is able to withhold to give you peace of mind. The smart blend of components in these alloys makes them especially good at stopping brute force attacks. If someone was able to get through a security screen, the whole neighbourhood would know because of the noise and effort it would take. 

The Visual Test

An often underrated aspect of security screens is how they look to you! After all, you will be the one living with it for the foreseeable future, and you don't want to get one that you feel is ugly. Window security screens come in all shapes, sizes and colours, with many different options for patterns and artistic choices. Search until you find something you enjoy, or, if nothing meets your fancy, get them customised by the many capable artists and designers across the country.