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Some Important Tips to Avoid Damage to Your Storefront Glass

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A storefront or business may need to be concerned with how to avoid repairing or replacing the glass on their storefront, as this work can be costly and may also interfere with the business overall. If glass should break during business hours, it may be unsafe for customers to go inside the store or they may simply avoid a business when they see broken glass, even if the entryway is safe. You can sometimes avoid glass damage to your business or storefront if you note a few quick tips to keep in mind.

1. Graffiti Film

Vandals may etch the glass at your business so deeply that it needs to be repaired right away; this is especially true if they've etched something profane into the glass or have cut it so deeply that the integrity of the glass is compromised. To avoid this, use graffiti film on the front of the glass. This film goes on clear and is thick enough to protect the glass behind it so that if vandals should do anything to your business, you can just replace the film itself and not the glass.

2. Wind Protection

During high winds, you might notice that the entryway door whips out of a customer's or visitor's hands and smacks the building on one side; in some cases, this can damage the glass window next to the door and break it or cause cracks. To keep this from happening, install what is called a windbreak on the door. This mechanism gives more strength to the door's resistance when it's being pulled by the wind and won't allow it to open all the way toward a glass pane next to it or behind it.

3. Door Maintenance

You may not think much of maintaining your glass doors, but every year, your entryway doors should be checked for resistance along the hinges and opener, as these may need to be replaced over time. A revolving door should also be checked for speed and resistance so no one tries to force it along and, in turn, causes it to break. Breakaway devices that keep the doors opening properly need to be lubricated so the doors don't stick, as the glass may break if someone tries to force it open. If the hinges are rusty or otherwise sticking, they too may need to be oiled or replaced to keep your glass doors safe and in good working order.

However, if your storefront glass ends up cracked or broken, consider calling emergency glass replacement and repair specialists to ensure the issue is fixed safely and efficiently.