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How to Avoid Unnecessary Windscreen Repairs

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Auto repairs tend to cost an arm and a leg. This is more apparent when it comes to windscreen repairs and replacement. However, you can save money simply by not putting your car in situations where it would be at a higher risk if having its windscreen damaged. Here are some handy ideas on avoiding unnecessary windscreen repairs by simple changes in how you care for your vehicle.

Maintain a safe distance when driving

When on the road, you do not have to be right at the back of another person's vehicle. The problem of driving to close to someone in front of you is that your windscreen is right in the way of any rocks and pebbles that may be kicked up by the motion of the other vehicle. To be on the safe side, if there is minimal traffic always try to maintain a safe distance behind the car ahead. This is especially important if you are driving behind a vehicle that is transporting visible cargo at the back as anything could happen.

Construction trucks that ferry gravel and other items cannot control if some debris falls off the back while driving. If you were too close to the truck, the first casualty of this debris would be your windshield. Pebbles and gravel may seem relatively small but factor in gravity and velocity of the vehicle, the force the exert when they land on your windscreen would be enough to damage it.

Park your car in a safe place

When you park your vehicle outdoors, it is at a high risk of being damaged from an array of things. For one, if it is in plain view of children playing then anything could happen such as a stray ball, which could cause cracks when it impacts your windscreen. Additionally, try not to park under trees as falling seeds and dead branches could cause damage in the form of scratches. Ideally, always seek to park your car in a shelter whether it is at work, or at home in your garage.

Avoid parking adjacent to lawns

For some homeowners, the only parking space available is right next to their lawn. However, leaving your car here as you go about mowing your lawn could cost you expensive windscreen repairs. When your lawn is being mowed, chances are there will be tiny rocks and debris that are propelled from the grass when the mower is in use. These could end up scratching your windscreen as well as the overall paint job of your vehicle. On mowing days, ensure your car is a safe distance away.

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