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Three Ways to Repair a Scratched Window

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In days gone by, scratches or small cracks on a window were usually dealt with by replacing the pane of glass. This is due to the fact that it was a simple, quick and straightforward job. However, windows nowadays are much more technical, and it can become quite expensive  to replace an entire pane of glass. With this in mind, this article looks at three ways to remove a scratch from a double glazed window.

Home Made Paste

This is a great homemade remover for dealing with scratches on glass. Get a container, and mix in baking soda, some regular white toothpaste and water. Your aim is to make a paste like substance. Then, using a clean cloth, which has been dampened a little, apply the paste to the scratch and the area immediately surrounding the scratch. Use small, circular motions to apply the paste to the scratch. Once done, clean the area with a clean, dry cloth. Keep the paste, as the chances are that you will need to apply the layer of paste two or three times to remove or minimize the scratch.

 Nail Polish

Using regular, clear nail polish can also remove or drastically reduce the appearance of a scratch. Use the brush that comes with the polish, and carefully paint the polish onto the scratch; take care not to apply it to any other area on the glass. The aim here is to paint on a good, solid layer of polish, without applying it too thickly. Otherwise, it will not be flush with the rest of the glass, and will be visible. Use a clean cloth to dab off any excess polish, and allow to dry. In some cases, if you have applied the polish too thinly, you should paint on another layer.

Metal Polish

This is another great method of removing a scratch, if done properly. Ensure that the area in and around the scratch is clean. Then, get a clean cloth, and dab it in some metal polish. Next, apply the cloth and polish on the area where the glass is. Do this by gently rubbing the polish into the scratch. It is important to understand that excessive use of metal polish, or applying the polish too vigorously to the scratch may cause more scratches. Take your time, and try to apply only one layer. If done correctly, the scratch should either be removed completely, or greatly reduced in appearance.

Either one of these methods could help you to save money, which would otherwise be spent on calling out a glass specialist (such as South Melbourne Glass) to deal with the scratch for you.