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Five Ideas For Integrating Glass Into Your Home's Exterior

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Whether you are modifying your existing house or designing a new one, you can create stunning architectural features and design using glass. Looking for innovative ways to tie glass into your exterior? Here are inspiring five ideas to consider:

1. A window within a window

A glass wall lightens up your home's exterior and brings sunlight into your home, making everything feel more bright and expansive. However, in many cases, glass walls do not open. Luckily, you can mitigate this shortcoming using a window within a window.

In addition to letting in air, a window within a window creates a stunning look from a design perspective.

2. Glass block windows and walls

If you love the idea of a large window or glass wall, but want more privacy or variety, consider a glass block wall. Perfect for anything from a small bathroom window to a large wall, glass blocks can come in a range of colours, and they can have natural items pressed into them or designs glazed on them.

3. Stained glass windows

Available in almost any design you like, stained glass windows add a sense of class to a home. You can purchase antique stained glass with liturgical scenes in it, or you can even buy repurposed church windows to install in your home.

You can also commission stained glass windows in any designs you like, including abstract or contemporary designs.If you want to add a bit of glass to your exterior but don't have money for renovations, you can purchase a small piece of stained glass and hang it over or in front of an existing window so it is visible from the outside.

4. Glass canopies

When adding glass to the exterior of your home, it doesn't just have to be for windows and walls. It can also go up above and act as a canopy. Glass canopies come in a range of designs. They can quiet the space of a courtyard while allowing light to stream in, or you can use laminated or glazed glass so you get a shaded effect under your canopy.

5. Glass swimming pools

You can even bring the glass into your yard with a glass swimming pool. The options are endless. You can have an aboveground pool with glass sides, or you can design a glass pool on a rooftop or above a walkway where people can look up into the pool from below.

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